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Walgreens settles disability discrimination lawsuit for $180,000

The Americans with Disabilities Act was set up in order to protect those who require certain accommodations. In the workplace in Los Angeles, employers are required to give reasonable accommodations to their employees or applicants who have a disability. The term “reasonable accommodations” can vary depending on what the disability is.

A woman who claims she was fired after her employer refused to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act has filed a lawsuit against the company. The woman had been employed by Walgreens for 18 years and did not have a record of any disciplinary actions taken against her. The company knew for 13 years that the woman was a Type II Diabetic, but after she suffered a hypoglycemic attack while on the job, they refused to provide reasonable accommodations for her. Instead, the woman was terminated from her job.

Tinder faces lawsuit for sexual harassment and discrimination

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, women are still being discriminated against in the workplace simply because of their gender. Yet it happens every day in Los Angeles, and it’s not just women in low ranking jobs that are subjected to it. High-power female executives can be exposed to harassment and discrimination just as much as anybody else.

This is the case for a former executive at the dating app Tinder. The 24-year-old woman says she was discriminated against because of her age and gender. This seems to be just the latest in a series of sexual harassment and discrimination cases levied against technology firms. Reports have recently popped up that other companies in the technology industry are hostile toward women.

Female farmworkers at higher risk for sexual harassment

Among the most dangerous jobs in California, farm work continues to rank high on the list. Although this refers to physical dangers, it can also apply to dangers of sexual harassment. Many times, farm workers are so scared of losing their jobs or affecting the jobs of their family and friends, that they do not report the sexual harassment.

Proponents of a new bill currently in the California State Senate are hoping to change that. The bill would make it possible for licensing restrictions to be placed on contractors who have been convicted of sexual harassment in the past three years. It would also require employees to attend a training on preventing sexual assault.

Employee sues employer for FMLA violation

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) can protect employees from losing their jobs as a result of absences from work that were caused by certain family and medical reasons. Because drug and alcohol addictions are considered to be serious medical conditions, the time required to take off work in order to receive treatment for them is typically covered by the FMLA.

A woman is suing her former employer after she says she was fired for taking medical leave to address her methamphetamine addiction. After she told her assistant manager about her meth use, she says that she was told by the human resources manager that she should get in touch with an Employee Assistance Program. This program is something offered by the company to employees who come forward and request help before they are tested and come up positive for drug use.

Whistleblower accuses school board of retaliation

In the state of California, it is illegal for employers to lash out at employees because they have reported illegal or unethical behavior in the workplace. Yet it is not uncommon to hear about workers who are too scared or intimidated by their bosses to report such activities. This can be especially true for employees who rely heavily on their jobs to support themselves and their families.

A woman claims she is experiencing employer retaliation because she blew the whistle on unethical behavior that was going on in the school lunch program where she worked. The woman was the supervisor for food services at the school when she assisted a number of different law enforcement agencies in 2011 by giving them information that eventually led to the former Board of Education President being convicted of getting her kids free and reduced price lunch. Her children did not qualify for the program because the family income was much too high.

Former employee sues for religious discrimination

The number of reported cases of religious discrimination in the workplace has been on the rise in California in recent years. In an effort to put a stop to this, the California Workplace Religious Freedom Act of 2012 was enacted and went into effect in 2013. This Act was an amendment to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act and clarified that discrimination based on religion was expressly prohibited and that employers must make reasonable accommodations for their worker’s religious practices and beliefs. In order to do this, employers should review their policies to ensure that that they are in compliance with the new laws.

A man is seeking compensatory and punitive damages along with lost wages in a workplace discrimination lawsuit he filed against his former employer recently. He claims that his supervisor at the sporting goods store where he worked would put pressure on him to attend her church and would regularly bring up her devout Christian beliefs in their interactions. As an atheist, the man felt he was being discriminated against because of his beliefs. He also claims his supervisor harassed him to the point where he was forced to stop working at the store.

Former Navy officer allowed sexual harassment

When the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace comes up in Los Angeles, you may tend to think of an actual physical sexual act or intimidation. This could include a worker being subjected to inappropriate comments, physical touch, threats or promises of promotion if the worker fulfills requests that are sexual in nature. However, sexual harassment can also occur when an employer allows a hostile work environment with sexual misconduct to exist.

This is the case for a former Navy officer. While the officer worked as a Blue Angels commander, he allowed his command to display explicit pornography in the cockpits of aircraft. In addition, he put up with sexually inappropriate humor, including humor that was homophobic in nature, on maps and itineraries.

Employee with HIV sues employer for disability discrimination

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects disabled people in Los Angeles and the rest of the country against discrimination in the workplace and guarantees them equal opportunities in a variety of areas. The ADA defines a disability as any physical or mental impairment that gets in the way of a person’s ability to participate in major life activities in a substantial way. Under this definition, people who have HIV, whether they are symptomatic or asymptomatic, are protected by the ADA because they have physical impairments. This even extends to those who are believed to have HIV, even if they don’t. For example, if a person was discriminated against because he is thought to have HIV, he is protected by the law even if he does not have HIV.

A man with HIV claims that he was discriminated against on the job. He filed a disability discrimination lawsuit recently in which he is suing for his lost wages and benefits and damages. He is also seeking court costs and wishes to be reinstated to his job.

Company sued by EEOC for pay discrimination and retaliation

Employees in California and the rest of the nation are protected against pay discrimination by the Equal Pay Act of 1963 (EPA). The Act basically says that if a male and female both hold jobs under similar working conditions that require the same amount of skill, responsibility and effort, they should both be paid an equal amount. If the employer pays one employee more because of his or her sex, the employer is violating the EPA and may be subject to legal action.

This is the case for a female truck driver who believed she was being paid less than her male coworkers because she is a woman. She came to this conclusion after speaking with male drivers about their pay and compensation. Although she complained about the perceived discrimination on multiple occasions, no actions were taken. After the driver sent the owner of the trucking company a text complaining about the pay discrimination, the owner fired her.

Woman files lawsuit over FMLA rights

When a person becomes ill in Los Angeles, it is often necessary for a family member to take time off work in order to care for him or her. This can put a lot of stress on the family, especially if the worker is worried about losing his or her job as a result of missing work. For this purpose the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was put into place. FMLA allows qualified employees to take a certain number of days off work to care for family members without having to worry about retaliation of any kind from their employer.

A worker who believed that she would be protected by FMLA was terminated from her job instead. When her mother had a number of strokes, the woman took time off from her job at an engineering and consulting firm in order to care for her.

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