Hawthorne Wage and Hour

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Hawthorne has a population of nearly 90,000 residents and covers 6.1 square miles. Some of the significant businesses in Hawthorne are Century Media Records, Northrop Corporation, SpaceX, Tesla Motors, and OSI Systems. The large toy manufacturer Mattel started out in Hawthorne but moved. If you feel that an employer in Hawthorne has not paid your wages properly, or has failed to pay overtime, you should consult a Hawthorne wage and hour lawyer at the Calderone Law Firm.

Wage and Hour Claims

Wage and hour claims can include wage theft, failure to pay overtime, improper classification of an employee, inappropriately controlling the activity of a contract worker, unlawfully failing to provide overtime pay and giving the employee more time off instead, paying less than minimum wage for salaried workers, paying less than minimum wage for hourly employees, and requiring a non-exempt or hourly worker to skip breaks.

The federal and state minimum wage laws may set different minimum wages. The California minimum wage law usually applies because it provides a higher minimum wage than federal law does. Its current minimum wage for employers that have at least 26 employees is $13, but this wage is going to gradually increase on a yearly basis until 2022.

There are certain states in which the minimum wage for tipped employees is reduced, but California maintains the same minimum wage for tipped workers like servers and bartenders. Our wage and hour attorney can represent Hawthorne employees whose income involves tips. Tips are money that a customer leaves for you above the actual amount of goods sold or services rendered. If you are a tipped employee who receives a tip, it is your property. Your employer cannot make deductions from your tips. However, tip pooling is lawful. This involves gathering all tips received by tipped employees, combining them in a pool, and then redistributing them based on certain factors to employees who directly or indirectly serve patrons or customers.

Overtime Claims

If you are an employee in Hawthorne who works more than 40 hours in a work week, you may be entitled to overtime. You should be paid overtime if you are considered a non-exempt employee. Your employer should pay you time and a half for any hours that you work beyond eight hours in a single work day. Moreover, if you work more than 12 hours in one day, you should be paid double time. Also, if you work more than 40 non-overtime hours in a work week, your employer must pay you time and a half. Our Hawthorne wage and hour attorney helps employees enforce their overtime rights.

Although a large percentage of employees who work in Hawthorne are entitled to collect overtime, exempt employees are not. You are considered exempt if your main job duties are considered executive, administrative, or professional. Executive employees’ primary job is to manage a department of the business or the business itself. They must regularly direct a minimum of two employees and maintain hiring and firing authority over employees. Administrative job duties are related to the operation or management of the business. Administrative assistants are not considered administrative in this sense, since they do not actually operate the business. Professional employees, such as lawyers, doctors, academics, teachers, and engineers, are not entitled to overtime. Often, these job descriptions are associated with salaried white-collar jobs. However, it is important to look at the specifics of your job to know whether you are exempt. For example, if you meet the definition of an outside salesperson, your employer would not need to pay you overtime.

Consult a Skilled Wage and Hour Lawyer in Hawthorne

You deserve to be paid fairly and according to the law. Some employers do not keep up with their obligations under wage and hour laws, while others intentionally commit wage theft or otherwise exploit their workers. If you believe that you may have a wage and hour claim, you should talk to an employment attorney at the Calderone Law Firm. Our firm tenaciously represents workers in both individual and class action wage and hour claims. Call us at (424) 348-8290 or complete our online form.