Employment Law Overview

Calderone Law Firm provides strong advocacy and legal counsel to professionals facing employment rights violations throughout the Los Angeles metro area. For more than 20 years, El Segundo employment lawyer Vincent Calderone has handled all types of employment litigation claims.

Helping Employees Assert Their Rights for More Than 20 Years

He started this law firm to help employees assert their rights based on California's employment laws and federal wage and hour laws. If you believe your employment rights were violated, our employment law attorneys will help you take action. Contact our law firm today to learn how we can help protect your rights during a free initial consultation.

Handling All Types of Employment Violation Claims in Los Angeles County

No matter what your job title is, you should never have to put up with workplace discrimination or harassment. If you believe your employment rights have been violated, we can help you get results. Our El Segundo employment attorneys have extensive experience handling all types of employment litigation claims, including:

Discrimination and harassment

Class-action wage and hour violations involving multiple claims against the company

  • Overtime regulations violations
  • Misclassification of employment status, improper classification as exempt

Wrongful termination and retaliation

  • Fired for reporting a wage and hour violation
  • Fired for reporting harassment or discrimination
  • Fired for promoting union membership
  • Illegally terminated for filing a grievance about working conditions
  • Illegally discharged for reporting an OSHA violation
  • Denied promotion because of reporting a violation of workers' rights

"When facing workplace discrimination or harassment or another violation of your rights as an employee, you deserve justice. That starts with telling your story. I promise to listen. I am honest about giving advice, and I will make sure you have the facts necessary to make an informed decision to pursue justice." Attorney Vincent Calderone

Experienced on Both Sides of Employment Litigation

Serving people in El Segundo and beyond, the employment attorneys at Calderone Law Firm have not only been successful in litigating matters on behalf of employees, but have also protected the rights of employers. Whether your company is being sued for discrimination matters, wage and hour violations or you are in need of wrongful termination defense, you can rely on attorney Vincent Calderone and his team.

Contact Our Employment Lawyers in El Segundo

Calderone Law Firm provides legal advice and representation to employees in communities throughout the Los Angeles metro area. Contact our workplace discrimination attorneys to learn how we can help you assert your rights during a free initial consultation.