Pregnancy Discrimination

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California's Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) prohibits an employer from terminating an employee because of her sex. "Sex" within the meaning of the FEHA includes "pregnancy, childbirth, or medical conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth.

California law also makes it an unlawful employment practice for an employer to refuse to allow a female employee disabled by pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions to take a leave for a reasonable period of time not to exceed four months and thereafter return to work. Reasonable period of time means that period during which the female employee is disabled on account of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions. A pregnancy discrimination attorney in El Segundo can explain what this may mean in your specific case.

What You Can Recover for Pregnancy Discrimination

A victim subject to pregnancy discrimination is entitled to any and all damages in which such pregnancy discrimination was a substantial factor in causing, which includes but is not limited to loss of earnings, future loss of earnings, emotional distress, punitive damages, attorney's fees and costs.

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