LGBT Discrimination

Your sexual orientation should have no bearing on how you are treated at work. You know this. We know this — it's only common sense. Yet, workplace discrimination continues to occur. If you believe you were denied a job, promotional opportunity or are being paid less than your colleagues because of your perceived sexual orientation, an experienced El Segundo LGBT discrimination lawyer can help you take action.

Relentlessly Fighting Back Against Workplace Discrimination

At Calderone Law Firm, we are committed to protecting employees' rights in Los Angeles County. For more than 20 years, our founding attorney Vincent Calderone has provided unwavering support to employees dealing with all types of workplace discrimination claims. The law in California is clear — no form of discrimination or harassment is justified in the workplace. If your manager, co-workers or a potential employer mistreated you because of your sexual orientation, contact our LGBT discrimination lawyers for a free initial consultation.

What Is Considered LGBT Discrimination?

Whether you are lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual or a transgender, the law in California is on your side. Employers are responsible to provide equal opportunities, regardless of your sexual orientation. If you believe you were treated differently because of your sexual orientation, we may be able to help you take action. Our El Segundo LGBT discrimination attorneys have extensive experience proving fault against employers for:

  • Denying a promotional opportunity based on someone's sexual orientation
  • Refusing to pay LGBT employees the same as straight workers
  • Excluding LGBT employees from certain types of job opportunities
  • Denying LGBT employees the same benefits as straight employees
  • Allowing co-workers to harass and create a hostile work environment

At Calderone Law Firm, we understand you may be reluctant to pursue an LGBT discrimination claim. Like most workers, you depend on your job to make ends meet. You may fear stirring the pot could cause you to lose your job. This would be considered wrongful termination. Employers can be held responsible for retaliating against employees. We are highly skilled at handling discrimination and wrongful termination claims. You can feel confident knowing we have the skills, experience and tenacity to help you assert your rights.

Take Action With an LGBT Discrimination Attorney in El Segundo

If you have been discriminated against because you are gay or because of a perceived sexual orientation, this is illegal. At Calderone Law Firm, we are committed to helping you take a stance against sexual harassment or workplace discrimination.

Contact our attorneys today for a free initial consultation. If you have a valid claim, you may be able to recover compensation for any back pay, front pay or emotional distress. Let us put our experience as LGBT discrimination lawyers in the El Segundo area to work for you.