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Class Action and Wage Claims

Representing Workers Who Have Had Their Workplace Rights Violated

If you are among a group of workers at your Los Angeles metro area company who have been illegally denied your state and federal wage and hour rights and benefits, schedule a free consultation at Calderone Law Firm in Manhattan Beach.

Experienced Los Angeles County Class Action and Wage Claims Lawyer

With more than 20 years of California and federal wage and hour litigation experience, attorney Vincent Calderone is one of the Los Angeles area's leading class action employment litigation lawyers. If you feel you have been cheated out of overtime, or have been misclassified as an exempt or salaried employee in order to force you to work additional hours without overtime pay, chances are, you are not alone in your company. Very often, companies have personnel policies that affect entire groups of people.

"Don't assume you are the only one who is being handled unfairly by your company's overtime policy. In many cases, violations of state and federal law affect workers throughout the entire company. Joining a class action lawsuit is often the only way to make your employer obey the law." Attorney Vincent Calderone

By filing a lawsuit as a group of aggrieved employees, compensation and penalties paid to the members of the lawsuit may be significantly increased. In addition, there may be special compensation paid to the plaintiffs who initially file the lawsuit.

Successful class action lawsuits have been filed for violations of state and federal wage and hour laws, such as:

  • Refusal to pay time-and-a-half overtime pay for more than 40 hours per week
  • Inappropriate classification of an employee as a salaried or exempt worker
  • Inappropriate control over a self-employed contract employee or temporary contract worker
  • Forcing a non-exempt or hourly worker to work through lunch or skip breaks
  • Illegally trading overtime pay for additional time off
  • Paying below the minimum wage for hourly employees
  • Paying below the minimum wage for salaried workers, when calculated across hours worked
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