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Located on 31.9 square miles of the seaside in Orange County, Huntington Beach is the fourth most populous city in the county. Around 9.5 miles of sandy beach attract visitors and earn the city the nickname Surf City. Principal employers in the city include Hyatt Regency, Wal-Mart, Boeing, Huntington Beach Hospital and Huntington Valley Healthcare. The median income for a household there was $76,527. While this may be a reasonable median income, employees are naturally worried for the future when they are let go unfairly without a severance agreement or otherwise discriminated against. Whether you’re worried about sexual harassment or retaliation or disability discrimination or any other matter involving discrimination in the workplace, you should contact our seasoned Palmdale employment law attorneys. The seasoned employment law attorneys at Calderone Law Firm provides legal representation to workers who have been harmed by their often more powerful employers. Our principal Vincent Calderone has decades of experience fighting for just resolutions in employment litigation.

Retain Our Law Firm for Your Huntington Beach Employment Lawsuit

We represent employees in disputes filed in both federal and state courts. Lawsuits we’ve handled have involved wage and hour issues like failure to pay overtime , workplace discrimination, retaliation , harassment, retaliation, and whistleblowing. Those employees classified under the law as employees receive much strong protections than those classified as independent contractors and gig workers. For that reason, employers may misclassify you as an independent contractor in order to avoid providing you benefits to which you’re entitled. Fortunately, the law decides whether you meet the criteria to be considered an employee, not the employer who is incentivized to avoid giving you protections you may need. Our lawyers can examine your case and determine whether your particular case meets the criteria for being considered an employee.

Recovering Damages in Huntington Beach

Federal and state laws prohibit workplace discrimination. Illegal employment discrimination occurs when an employee is treated adversely on the job due to his membership in a group that is protected under these laws. Federal laws are typically enforced the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Before you bring a federal lawsuit, you need to go through the administrative procedures at the EEOC, which kicks off when you file a charge within the requisite time window. Laws like Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination based on color, race, sex, religion and national origin, only protect employees who work for a company that has 15 or more employees. In some cases, the Fair Employment and Housing Act, the state law that protects employees, offers much more expansive protection. FEHA will give you protection against workplace discrimination, retaliation and harassment for a protected trait so long as you work for a company that has at least 5 employees. Under FEHA, unlike Title VII, you can be protected against workplace sexual harassment even if you are the only employee of your employer.

What Counts as Discrimination?

Here are examples of workplace discrimination when these actions are taken or not taken due to your protected trait:

  • A prospective employer posts a job advertisement that specifies it doesn’t want workers who are pregnant.
  • An employer fails to hire you because he discovers you are Mormon (or Muslim, or any other religion).
  • An employer won’t promote you to a customer-facing position because you are Middle Eastern, and his customer base might not like interacting with you.
  • You are racially harassed by your coworkers because you are Black.
  • You are a transgender employee who is fired because you decided to transition.
Litigating Wage Theft and Other Wage and Hour Issues

Employers sometimes evade the wage and laws that protect employees in California. They might not pay minimum wage or overtime, whether because they don’t know the rules, or because they’re trying to protect their profits. They may misclassify you so that you think you’re not entitled to the protections accorded to employees. Our firm is able to summon the resources and experience necessary to litigate your case if you have multiple employees at your company with similar wage and hour claims. Consult Our Trustworthy Employment Attorneys About Your Claim

Many employees worry about going up against their employer. It makes sense. There are cases where employers retaliate against workers with legitimate reasons to file suit. But it can make a difference to hire a seasoned and effective Huntington Beach employment attorney. Contact us by filling out our online form or calling us at (424) 348-8290.