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With a population of 346,824, Anaheim is the most populous city in Orange County California. Located in the city are the Anaheim Convention center, the Anaheim Ducks Ice Hockey Club, the Los Angeles Angels baseball team, and the Disneyland resort. The Disneyland theme park is one of the world's most visited tourist attractions and employs many workers. Some of the other large companies that provide employment in Anaheim include PacSun, Northgate Gonzales Markets, Styles for Less, and RSI Home Products Manufacturing, Inc.. All of the employers in the city must abide by numerous federal, state, and local laws, and should seek legal counsel to stay in compliance when needed. If you suspect your employer has violated your rights in the workplace, you should give the Calderone Law Firm a call. We are experienced trial attorneys with more than 25 years of experience who understand the complexities of workplace disputes involving minimum wage, overtime, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and whistleblowing.

Employment Lawsuit

When an Anaheim employer does not abide by an employee's rights, our lawyers may be able to pursue a range of remedies, including both monetary damages and injunctions. In some cases, it is appropriate to file a charge with an administrative agency, whereas in other situations, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit in court. A class-action lawsuit may be pursued when a number of claimants have similar disputes with an employer.

The specific circumstances of your lawsuit will dictate what type of relief should be pursued. Our lawyers will look carefully at the situation at hand to determine what rights may have been violated by an employer, and what laws offer recourse to the employee. When an issue like minimum wage comes up and federal and state law conflict, the employer is required to follow the standard that is more protective of the employee. For example if you work selling food within the tourist industry in Anaheim, and your employer does not pay you minimum wage, and you are not exempt, you may have grounds to bring a wage and hour lawsuit for damages under state law, which specifies a higher minimum wage.

Discrimination Lawsuit

Most employers must abide by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), which applies to employers that have at least five employees. In most cases, California law affords more protection of employees than federal laws like Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) do.

FEHA forbids workplace discrimination on the basis of color, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, gender identity, sexual orientation, sex, age over 40, marital status, disability, and veteran status. Discrimination occurs when an employer acts adversely against an employee due to his or her protected characteristic. For example, if your employment was terminated because you are Muslim, you may have grounds to sue under FEHA for national origin discrimination, religious discrimination, and race discrimination. For another example, if you were not promoted because you are trans, you might have a claim under FEHA for gender identity discrimination.

Harassment is prohibited in Anaheim workplaces. You could hold your employer accountable for harassment if you were treated inappropriately, subjected to violence, or faced innuendos and insults because of a protected characteristic. Regardless of the employer’s size, it can be held liable for sexual harassment.

California's antidiscrimination laws also prohibit retaliation. You may be worried that your employer will try to punish you for reporting discrimination or harassment by terminating you or demoting you or requiring some other disciplinary action to be taken against you. However, under the FEHA, as well as federal laws, you can sue for damages that arise out of your employer's retaliatory acts against you in connection with a protected activity.

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